About Bell Resources


Bell Resources mission is to accelerate the transition of the transportation sector to sustainable energy.


Bell Resources Limited is an unlisted public company. Bell Resources is positioning itself to supply energy & resources to the electric vehicle & the ride-hailing / sharing autonomous electric vehicle markets.

Bell Resources is primarily focused on developing opportunities across Australia and in the United States of America, through its wholly owned subsidiaries Bell Hub, Bell Renewables and Bell Batteries in the three areas of electric vehicle charging, renewable energy and lithium-ion batteries, respectively. Bell Resources initial focus is through Bell Hub’s co-located electric vehicle charging and car wash sites.

Our Culture

Bell Resources is about preserving our core values, corporate culture, and our environmental integrity for the long term. And in this way, we are trying to preserve what we think is important about Bell Resources.

What does the Bell logo represent?

Bell’s logo represents solar panels angled to capture sunlight in a forward motion, depicting the movement of people and products. The logo sits against a yellow background, representing sustainable energy from the sun.

Bell Resources subsidiary companies

Bell Resources has the following wholly owned subsidiary companies: