The origins of Bell date back to April, 1954, when the very first Bell Solar Battery was presented to the world. Made from silicon, the Bell Solar Battery completely transformed carbon capture and storage in renewables as it was the world’s first solar PV cell capable of converting solar radiation into electrical power. From this single invention, the modern footprint for solar technology and innovation was born.

Bell’s name is steeped in the history of innovators. Invented by a team of America’s leading researchers and scientists, Gerald L. Pearson, Daryl M. Chapin, and Calvin S. Fuller of Bell Laboratories, what made this invention so radically different and exciting was that this was the first solar cell capable of converting enough of the sun’s energy into power to run everyday electrical equipment.

Pearson, Chapin and Fuller were looking for a bold new way to provide critical electricity supply from renewable sources. The challenge was being able to do so effectively and help provide the electricity that was needed to power remote parts of the growing network. It had never been done before. Previous attempts to solve this problem n the 19th century had come close. In 1876, William Grylls Adams and Richard Evans Day, worked with selenium solar cells but they soon found these could not be considered as a reliable solution; they didn’t convert enough sunlight to power electrical equipment.

Bell Laboratories was a high performing team that brought together some of America’s leading researchers and scientists. As a former part of US telco giant AT&T and now a subsidiary of global telecommunications and consumer technology company NOKIA, Bell Laboratories was seeking to solve a fundamental problem concerning the management and provision of reliable electricity to remote parts of the network. It was a story of sheer ingenuity and expansion in the face of legacy infrastructure that had long plagued traditional methods surrounding network management and grid supply.

Bell’s success was in making their vision for the future become a reality. Founded in New Jersey, USA, the Bell Solar Battery made solar cells practical – generating significant amounts of electricity for the first time. Four years later, the technology reached a new high after Vanguard 1 was launched into space, the world’s first solar powered satellite, made possible thanks to the Bell Solar Battery. And today, Bell Resources carries on that tradition and vision for the future by ensuring electric vehicles are no longer a pipe dream.

At Bell Resources, we are at the forefront of Australia’s charge towards a better future. Founded on the 20th of July, 2017 in Sydney, Australia, by CEO and Managing Director Mark Avery, our mission is to accelerate the transition of the transportation sector to sustainable energy. With Australia having the highest rates of rooftop solar in the world and the appetite for renewable sources of energy growing, more and more Australians are making the switch to zero emissions. But as more and more of our appliances become reliant on solar power generation for household consumption, the onus is on industry to build the infrastructure of the future that will connect all Australians – from regional to metropolitan areas with a system that works when they need it. A system that is sustainable and fail-safe. A system that has range but no anxiety. A system that brings them from grid to great.

We believe that ‘innovating-to-zero’ emissions is not only a grand goal, but also a necessary imperative. As Australia’s most trusted electric vehicle charging infrastructure operator, we are laying the foundations for Australia’s green energy future. With best-in-class ESG frameworks and principles, Bell Resources is enabling the shift to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem by building Australia’s first fleet of nation-wide EV charging stations via our Bell Hub network.  And we envision a world where clean transportation will play a critical role in enabling zero-emission goals.

The electrification of Australia’s transportation sector is coming. As we transition to the new world of electrification, it’s important to remember where great ideas come from. Bright sparks of innovation all from a single unifying mission to help change the face of energy as we know it. Bell Resources, the next generation resources company.