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mark avery

Mark Avery

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Avery is the founder, chief executive officer and managing director of the board of Bell Resources. Mark, a graduate of Bond University, worked as a corporate advisor before founding Bell Resources in 2017.

Mark is an experienced business leader, with extensive experience across a range of diversified industries, including property, childcare and legal. He has a strong background in business aggregation where he has been directly involved in the development, restructure, merger and/or acquisition of various companies across a number of industries. Mark has previously served as an Executive Director of an ASX listed company, which he co-founded.

He also brings to Bell Resources skills and experience in multi-site corporate integration of small businesses.

Mark is non-practising Solicitor and currently holds an Australian practising certificate, having graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Business Administration from Bond University. Mark Avery was awarded with a Law Scholarship from Bond University in 1997. He is also member of the NSW Law Society.

Mark is also the CEO of the following Bell subsidiary companies:

bell resources

Bell Hub

The EV Charging Station Company

bell resources

Bell Renewables

The Green Energy Company

bell resources

Bell Batteries

The Next Generation Resources Company