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mark avery

Mark Avery

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Avery is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bell Resources Limited, an electric vehicle charging and clean energy company. Mark, a graduate of Bond University, worked as a corporate advisor before founding Bell Resources in 2017.

Mark is an experienced business leader, with extensive experience across a range of diversified industries, including property, childcare and legal. He has a strong background in business aggregation where he has been directly involved in the development, restructure, merger and/or acquisition of various companies across a number of industries. Mark has previously served as an Executive Director of an ASX listed company, which he co-founded.

He also brings to Bell Resources multifaceted skills as an entrepreneur that extend across acquisition integration, mergers and acquisitions, management, IPOs, and due diligence, together with experience in multi-site corporate integration of small businesses.

Mark is non-practising Solicitor and currently holds an Australian practising certificate, having graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Business Administration from Bond University. Mark Avery was awarded with a Law Scholarship from Bond University in 1997. He is also member of the NSW Law Society.

Bell Resources - Mission Statement

“Bell Resources mission is to accelerate the transition of the transportation sector to sustainable energy”

Under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer,  Mark Avery, Bell Resources’ mission statement resonates with a profound commitment to drive positive change in the global landscape of transportation and energy. With Avery’s leadership, the company declares their dedication to accelerating the transition of the transportation sector to sustainable energy—a bold directive that encapsulates their core values, goals, and contributions to a greener future.


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